Space Architecture

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Website

Please take a look at a website that I have been putting together: Off-World Architecture. The term is borrowed from an advertisement playing in the background in the movie Blade Runner. I have been working on the HTML and CSS off-and-on, fixing mistakes, trying to maintain a clean, contemporary image.

This is a portfolio of work, after all. The intention the site is to demonstrate what I and others from the Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture have done. We have the skills necessary to create an architecture for building typologies that do not yet have one.

We have a way of thinking, a systems-of-systems approach. Integrating the necessary engineering requirements into a deliverable product ("the pressurized capsule"), and including in those requirements, human factors and social-psychological concerns. This is not "architects/architecture in space", this is "architecture about/with-respect-to space". This is about making living areas in space less of a laboratory environment, and more like home.