Space Architecture

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


It's been over a month since I last updated this blog. Since then, I got a new job (not space architecture-related) which entails lots of overtime. Working 50+ hours per week, plus commuting, plus keeping an apartment livable...doesn't leave a lot of time to dive heavily into space architecture or blogging.

That said, in the past week, I had an idea: write a list of priorities vs goals. Goals are long-term, priorities are short-term. With that in mind, here, for the public record are the Goals:

Lifetime (before I die):

Design a capsule/station/colony for human habitation, such that non-scientists can live there.

Have my novel published.

Obviously, the designing a capsule/station/colony is much higher than writing. I figure that I need something to prevent burn-out (been there, done that, learned my lesson).

Decade (by July 2015):

Be working for a space architecture firm. Failing that, being an entrepeneur in the field. I do hope to have some non-academic experience in the field before I start down the road to CEO-dom.

Finish the novel manuscript. Clearly, I'm allowing a lot of time for this. As I wrote above, this is a much lower priority than space arhitecture.

Year (by July 2006):

Graduate from the University of Houston College of Architecture, after spending a year in Professor Bell's space architecture design studio.

Be accepted into the College of Architecture's Space Architecture Graduate Program.

Have at least two people proofreading my manuscript, in exchange for favors. (Already have one I need a second)

Month (15 August 2005):

Keep my current job (need to pay for school).

Finish converting website to html.

Expand my person-to-person interest in space architecture to current students and hobbyists in vaguely similar fields. Namely, become at least a weekly interest in a current student's space architecture project.

Finish revising current (bad) chapter in novel, write a whole-new chapter, and edit various concerns in the rest of the manuscript.

End Goals.

On a weekly time-frame, the month goals translate into going to work, working on the html and manuscript, and making myself useful to said student. If I can do all that and keep the dishes washed, I'll be fine.