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Monday, January 16, 2006

Radiation Part Two (and, then wasn't)

In the last post, I asked, how many rem's do solar flare events produce? A better question would be: How much radiation does a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) produce? The SICSA slides, which function as the starting point for my research, use the term Solar Particle Event (SPE). The two terms, CME and SPE, might be synonymous. The SICSA slides say, "SPEs lasting from a few hours to several days can produce energies up to several GeV."

What is a GeV?

The term eV means electron volts, and G probably means Giga-, as in gigabyte. So, the SPE produces up to several giga-electron volts.

[several, several months later...]

Not that this information proved useful in the first place. I didn't work on the radiation shielding, because it was not architectural enough. After all, I was taking an architecture studio. Some things attract an audience better than sectional views of shielding.

Such as flexible, extendable storage stubes.

Please, see below: